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Your Perfect Dream Wedding Dress Is Actually Affordable!

Oh Hi there, I’m Kim! Your friendly neighbourhood seamstress. I know what you’re thinking: “how will I ever find that perfect wedding dress and still fit it into my budget?” So many brides stress about the cost of their dress because they know once they find the right dress, the price tag is likely to scare them off. However, I can tell you that after 35 years in designing custom wedding dresses, your perfect dream wedding dress is actually affordable!

Finding, and affording, your dream wedding dress will take a bit of flexibility and creativity. But hey aren’t you getting married after all? Being flexible and creative is what makes for the best marriages. Your partnership will be sure to test those qualities once you dive into parenting, finances, and sharing a living space with your spouse. So let’s go through this process of getting you into your dream wedding dress at an affordable price together.

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Step 1 – Narrow Your Your Search To A Certain Look:

After many weeks of browsing you are zeroed in on the style you desire. If you’re finding that all the dresses are outside your price range look to your friendly neighbourhood seamstress! These artists have nimble and magical hands that can craft the most intricate of designs. Since we dressmakers don’t have to slap markups on our customers like many manufacturers and retailers do, you will find a great deal of savings here.

bride sitting at a cluttered desk reviewing sketch designs of wedding dresses

Step 2 – Find Out Where We Can Substitute To Save Costs:

Once you have the vision for your dress, comes the fun and creative part. We will sit down together and review the vision, and look at alternative fabrics, accessories, and attachments. There is always wiggle room for the bride that can see the value of flexibility. Substituting one fabric for another can be an effective way to lower the overall cost, but maintain your vision for the dress. Many brides find a shell of a dress design they love, but it’s covered in gems or pearls. You see a massive price tag, and think, “well if only it didn’t have all these extras”.

That’s the beauty of coming to a seamstress. You can cut the non-essential parts off that dress, to make a more affordable dream wedding dress. Heck, maybe you just want to lower the costs a bit and just reduce the number of pearls. It is your party after all and if pearls make you happy, then pearls there shall be. Brides that are flexible in the design process are rewarded with more savings.

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wedding dress textiles piled on a table in front of finished wedding dresses Valencienne Bridal

Step 3 – Putting It All Together:

The process of finding your dream wedding dress starts and ends with price range. But that should not leave you feeling deflated. You may have the vision in your head, and you may have even found a few gowns in stores that match that vision. Then the price tag feels like it’s jumping off that beautiful gown to slap you across the face. How rude! You two are supposed to be partners in this mission down the aisle!

seamstress putting finishing touches on brides dress Valencienne

seamstress working on wedding dress, your dream wedding dress is actually affordable!

That is why the seamstress is such a valuable tool at your disposal. Your vision for your wedding gown is a process, so we can tailor the dress and the costs to fit your desires. That dress sitting on a rack comes with no flexibility or wiggle room. The design and price are fixed. So come in to Valencienne with your vision, and I can assure you that your dream wedding dress is actually affordable! We will work together to tailor your vision for the perfect wedding dress so you end up with something affordable. Contact me here to set up a call or appointment!