Wedding Photography with Passion

Hello Toronto Brides welcome back to the Valencienne Designer blog created to share my personnel wedding story and to introduce you to my clients. It is my hope to educate you a little bit about “The search for the perfect wedding gown.” Now, we know in your mind that it has to be the best wedding gown ever created so I will endeavour to assist you with helpful hints about the do and don’ts of your process. However today I am here to talk about Wedding photography and more importantly my Wedding photographer ………………Let me tell you we have amazing talent in this city and I know a lot of wedding photographers.

The person who stole my heart was Anthony from five fifteen photo company ( What a personality – two years ago we both were fortunate to spend two weeks in Italy working on a mutual clients wedding together…. What FUN!!!! It was a blast and our friendship has grown into something pretty special so when I got engaged, my first phone call was to him saying ‘save the date’ and here we are. I cannot stress enough about how important photography is. It’s important to have the right vibe with your photographer and there should be some chemistry – the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better the shots will be. Look at these photographs that five fifteen shot the wedding gown is a client of mine married last summer while the black dress is an extravagant cocktail dress made for a client that was going to Fashion week in Paris. It was quite a hit – Photography is everything.  I do not think I need to say any more except to say think about this ladies, your photographs are the only thing you have left after your wedding.  These are your memories so making the right choice is very important. Brides, if you need to see more of Anthony and Michaels’ spectacular work, please visit our new website as the 5ive 15ifteen boys assisted in making it come to life with their beautiful imagery – Valencienne cannot thank them enough.

It’s funny – it’s a bit crazy, my life, there is so much planning and preparation with my own wedding not to mention all the other work that we have on the go, that this blog seems to get a little lost in the shuffle.

 I thought I would leave you with a picture of a little project that I finished this weekend. I found this birdcage which was pretty ugly  so I painted and decorated it in my colour and theme. I thought I would use it as a wedding card box at my reception. It’s so cute if I do say so myself …………………..As I have now mentioned a theme, the decor is the next big blog.

Over the top avant-garde Marie Antoinette meets Toronto bridal designer gone crazy.