Walk a Mile In These Brides’ Shoes

While the gown may take the spotlight on our bride’s big day, we never underestimate the power of accessories in completing the wedding day look. Shoes literally come in every shape, size, colour and style for brides who want to truly make a statement.


High Heels
These are the most popular wedding day shoe by far. Most brides opt for perfect posture (yes, heels do that) and style for their big day. While white used to be the only acceptable shoe colour, bride’s are now opting for more playful and fun options embellished with swarovski crystals, lacing, laser cutouts and of course colour! All the drama a girl could ever need in one amazing shoe!

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Medium Height/Wedge
For the bride that wants a bit of height but perhaps a bit more comfort – enter the medium height or wedge heel. A bit more playful, this look is all about mixing style with comfort. Perfect for brides who rarely wear heels or who will be getting married outdoors, there is still unlimited styles from leather to cork and canvas. Bold colours also abound and don’t forget the sparkle!044-L

Low Heels/Kittens
Kitten heels have long held a sort of cute reverence for those inspired by days gone by. Their more practical and sweet but with just a touch of sass. Your grandmother might have worn something similar on her wedding day.1466259_10101064612705609_4602445892446155520_n

For the bride who can’t do heels or who wants to skip the height factor (especially if her partners the same height) the classic flat or ballerina is always a great option. Now as playful as heels with options of coloured soles (teal for Tieks), any flat style can be fabulous.shoe

Wedding Shoe Trends:
– bold/bright colours and prints
– sparkle, sparkle, sparkle
– mixing heel heights (high for ceremony, flats for reception)
– statement heels (like jewelry – this is your place to truly add your own twist on your wedding day)A12A0710

Things to Consider:
– heel height is personal! Do you want to be as tall or taller than your groom?
– What height of heel may also depend on your gown. Does it have gorgeous bottom details that need showcasing that only a high heel can accomplish?
– Practicality. High heels are amazing… except on a beach. In sand.
– Bling. Be cautious of shoes overly adorned in sparkle as they can catch and tear delicate fabrics and crinolinesLaura + Oliver - Wedding 0198

What shoes will you be celebrating in?