The Planner

We call him GiGi (Girly Groom). Yes that’s what I have, a man that used to be a chef and now is in the IT World. A planner and perfectionist, he is obsessed with assisting with this wedding and it all started with a little addiction called ‘Rich Bride Poor Bride’. Now I have been on the show a few times which makes this really funny, especially when he found out that I knew Angelique Sobschak (one of the planners featured on the show). Not only did I know her but she’s a friend as well. She is his favorite wedding planner so he taped every episode for me to see. I came home night after night to an hour or two of, as he calls it RBPB. One night he was so excited to show me a couple where the girl gave her honey a car for a wedding present. I said “do you realize that that is the show that I am on? You do know what I do for a living, right, and I do this every day of my life? I know almost everything and everyone in this industry after 25 years.” I realized that a call to my good friend Angelique would not go amiss after all, between me and Angelique, it should make for smooth sailing (you know the old saying – two against one he, he). She is so great and so professional that once we met with her she actually took a deep breath and pointed out that I may need to compromise a little which took me back. Jeff fell in love more with Angelique than with me at the time once I was overruled. The sign of a great planner, she took control AND with two control freaks in the same room she reeled me right in and ladies, I was shocked because I am a little bit of a control freak, OK I said it! There you have it now, we have a crazy, wacko, control freak bride named Kim who’s the designer of Valencienne who cannot make a decision and basically is a babbling idiot TODA Y.

Tomorrow is another day because the cars and cakes has been ordered; there really is no order girls just get the job done, make a list and just start crossing them OFF. Wait until you hear about my cake and the jewels we are making for it….