Plus Size Wedding Dresses for the “Curvy Bride”

Let’s face it ladies, finding beautiful plus sized wedding dresses is downright impossible! Nowadays it’s pretty hard to avoid the memes, blog posts and Twitter rants talking about body image in the fashion industry. The struggle is real these days, and being part of the bridal industry we know this pressure and topic all too well!  We’ve lost count of the plus size brides that walk into our store who are voluntarily putting themselves through bootcamps, trainers, and crazy diets with the famous saying  “Take it in a bit more, I’m going to lose 10 lbs”. The pressure to “look your best” and be thin thin thin is probably the biggest problem brides face leading up to their big day.

According to a 2012 article posted by Kristen Van Vanderen and William Kinally of the University of Central Florida*, the mediated “normal” body image is displayed as extremely thin. They also state that heavier set women begin feeling “socially undesirable”, have “increased body dissatisfaction” and “engage in extreme weight loss programs” following exposure to current media body ideals.

The problem with this standard sizing is that not only do most brides not fit a regular size 6 or 8, but European sizes tend to be one to two sizes smaller in fit!

I think we all know the “crazy diet” game a bit too well!

In the custom bridal industry, girls constantly come into the shop with photos of their dream dress; A light, lacey, skin tight dress worn by a tall, thin model, commonly by designers such as Berta Bridal, Inbal Dror and Galia Lahav.


A curvy or “plus size” bride sits across from us in distress because 1. she wants to look like this model and doesn’t, and 2. finding this gown in her size to try on at any boutique is nearly impossible!

Ladies, fear not! This is where a Valencienne custom wedding gown can help you!

we love the look of this curvy plus size gownIt is no secret that the bridal industry is notorious for carrying European standard (aka tiny) sample size gowns in size 6 or 8 for all women to try on. The problem with this standard sizing is that not only do most brides not fit a regular size 6 or 8, but European sizes tend to be one to two sizes smaller in fit! Don’t fit a size 6 or 8?

Not to worry, we are here for you!


Being a couture custom bridal boutique, Valencienne specializes in taking a bride’s dream dress (of any size) and making her something better and most importantly something in her custom size.

At Valencienne Bridal, we pride ourselves in making all women feel gorgeous in their own skin and leaving the pressure of media body image behind. Bring on the curves!!

Curvy and plus size brides looking for beautiful wedding gowns can skip the body shaming process of attempting to try on a sample size 6 gown only to have it fit to her knees!

Instead, she can visit our our custom bridal boutique and have a couture gown made perfectly just for her.

beautiful couture wedding dresses for plus size bridesFrom a private design consultation to custom fittings, your dream dress can be created perfectly for you and your body, exactly the way you are.

So curvy brides, look no further! Visit our Toronto bridal boutique to feel gorgeous at every size!

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