Pink and Gold Glamour

When our bride, Julie, walked into my store with her Mom, her Sister and little dog."Pupo” I thought ‘your kidding me right – a dog in Valencienne’. My beautiful bridal salon filled with magnificent silk wedding gowns and you bring a dog here. Our meeting was not starting off very well and with 27 years of experience in the bridal business I knew enough that if it starts off negatively, it’s not going to get much better going forward. Well friends I was so WRONG. JulieLucaWeddingCC-185-L

Julie started by selecting some gowns and began trying them on. I was assisting her but I also had a keen eye on Pupo even though Mrs ‘D’ was holding the dog. I have never had a dog in the change room. At first it was hard to concentrate on anything but the dog until Julie asked  me. ‘’Kim do you know who Coco Rocha is and have you seen her wedding video’’ ……..Well I was floored, I had the video on a loop playing  in my  store. At the time, Coco’s’ wedding video was not well known  however it is a stunning piece of film. The Wedding of Coco Rocha & James Conran – YouTube. Julie said “I love that dress, its so glamorous with its huge tulle trumpet skirt – So  light and airy. Can you make something similar?  I want simple, no beads, no crystals just lots of tulle and organza”. We were becoming fast friends I thought OMG this girl has an eye and fantastic taste. Mom wanted more but Julie stayed the course with simple elegance. I explained that the detail work on Coco’s dress was called Embroidery cut work although beautiful it is a dying art. The detail is sewn with a satin stitch into a pattern then with tiny scissors, you cut away the fabric to leave behind little holes that become part of the pattern.

cut_work_2_largeJulieLucaWeddingCC-156-L  Valencienne would then design the pattern for the embroidery and then send her skirt  to England to be embroidered. When it comes back we would start the arduous task of cutting out around the hundreds of flowers on the skirt hem would be cut on an uneven edge. As we cut the excess fabric away we are left with the pattern revealing layers and layers of Tulle underlay – Truly a custom made bridal gown. JulieLucaWeddingCC-100-L

Julie, Mrs. ’D’, Pupo and her sister all became fast friends of Valencienne. Julie’s personality is charming – she was a no-nonsense client with only one request – SIMPLE. There was no stressed out bride here. When I suggest that we add a jeweled headpiece I found myself starting to laugh as I knew the answer before I even put it on her head. Julie started to laugh and said ‘Let’s keep it simple’ and politely declined. I  looked forward to every visit.

Julies  colour scheme was Pink and Gold Elegance so we made a very light pink sash for her wedding gown that tied in a bow at the back. She followed that theme all through out her wedding decor. Although I did not get to know Julie very well, I loved hearing about all the nostalgic touches at her wedding, the little rosary that held her bouquet together, the Tuxedo that was made for Pupo, the covers for their menu. It  was a picture of King Edward – Julies’ Mom and Dad had eaten at the King Edward hotel many years ago and had kept the menu. Julie asked if the hotel could recreate this special memento and they did.

Organza Sash and wedding shoesKing Edward Hotel  Vanity Ballroom, Have a Seat toronto Wildflowers Rose bouquet

The big day arrived on September 24th, 2011. Her house was a buzz of activities, her lovely family had asked me to come for breakfast that morning but I had to work regretfully. While I was at work I could not concentrate as I really wanted to be part of Julies  magical morning. I worked so closely with the brides over such a long period of time that it’s so nice to see it come all together.

Silk wedding gown Trumpet strapeless coutureCustom wedding gown covered buttons 

 Trumpet silk organza  tulle wedding gownDesigner trumpet wedding gown

Julie approached her front door and the Renaissance photo company caught this amazing picture of Julia leaving her beautiful home for St. Paschal Baylon Church

Tulle wedding,bridal gown strapeless designer custom

…To be greeted outside with her beautiful bridesmaids,”Pretty in Pink’’

Bridesmades Mermaid wedding gown

Palettera Stationary


St. Pascal Baylon, Thornhill trumpet silk

Off to the Reception at the King Edward Hotel. The floral arrangements were designed by Suzanne of Wildflowers and company. the Table linen and draperies were designed by Have a Seat. The cake was made and designed by Cake Opera Co.

 Cake opera co King Edward Hotel Toronto Vanity BallroonWildflower, Have a Seat Linen Bridal gown

The entrance into the reception was magnificent, the pink and gold theme was abundant.

King Edward Hotel TorontoCouture wedding gown trumpet silk bridal gown toronto

Love was in the air! Congratulations to Luca and Julia – we wish you all the best for a long and happy life together.

Strapless mermaid wedding gown toronto