Piece by Piece – How a masterpiece is created

So what is Couture?

The original term of ‘Haute couture’ came from the exclusive French Fashion houses that refer to creation of exclusive, ornate, high fashion, custom-fitted clothes that are made to order for a specific customer. Here at Valencienne, ordering a couture gowns means every customer walks out with a one of a kind, original creation; and it all starts with a simple sketch.


For all the couture virgins out there, I will take you through all the stages it takes for the making of a couture wedding gown.



I start by sitting down with every bride and striking up conversation… through asking all the right questions I can capture the bride’s sense of style and personality. I gather inspiration for each bride’s dream dress.  Next step is putting pencil to paper and just let my creative juices flowing.



Construction & Fittings

The first fitting is always the “ugly fitting” where the dress is made from canvas fabric. This fitting is only meant for us to get all the right curves and lines on your body.  Next step is to cut the real fabric, and piece by piece your custom gown is put together right before your eyes.



These are the final touches on the dress… hand-sewing the bling and buttons all down the back, or tacking of the lace appliqué.  No detail is too small; every aspect of the dress is given the same bit of love at Valencienne.


Check out this link of one of our latest brides to see the dress we sketched come to life.

What an absolutely beautiful bride!