The Valencienne Bride

I have been asked to write about my story by many people and although, I think my story is worthy of a book deal, I just find that my time management skills are a little questionable. I would not want to have a following and then let people down so here is my commitment to all reading.

I will do my very best to post every few weeks and if it becomes a little crazy at work because I am designing gowns and running a busy bridal shop and cannot post, please understand because ….well, how can I explain ………My customers are ……….well they are YOU and nobody other than you could really understand how exceptionally important your gowns are.

Nobody, other than you, realizes how much effort went into your choice. You have labored over thousands of bridal books, spent weekends going from store to store, sat staring into space dreaming about that perfect dress. Oh and let’s not forget the world wide web and just when you thought it could not possibly get any more confusing you can now check out the styles in Abu Dhabi because nothing local is going to work for you. Well girls, cut yourself some slack, I have designed gowns for 25 years, I have made gowns for stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hurley, Suzanne Summers and many others. My gowns have been featured on TV and in magazines. I have made gowns for figure skaters, Saudi Arabian princesses, Heads of state and being Canadian and a big hockey fan, I have had the privilege of designing gowns for the wives of Coffey, Gilmore, Eiserman and Children’s wear for The Great one, Wayne Gretzky.

In my 25 years of business I would say I have made approximately 14,000 gowns and now I, Miss Valencienne, the lady who can create anything, is stumped, confused, bewildered, freaked out, stressed out and exasperated about my wedding gown. I am ready to just bejewel an old pair of jeans, add a French cuffed shirt and hail a cab to city hall.
How is this possible, I am not sure? I love my brides, well all brides in general and they are all taking such an interest in my wedding – The gown, the flowers, the colours, the theme, the venue, the décor and entertainment ….blah blah blah.

I thought it would be a kick to create this blog and hopefully get inspired myself. I could introduce you to some of my fantastic venders that are the best in the biz and have become my friends and just maybe on October 10 of 2010 with a little help from her friends, Kim will be wearing something other than blinged out jeans and perhaps her guests will enjoy a great event. After all, we all want to look spectacular and throw the party of the year. We all want our wedding to be better than everyone else’s and although that can never totally come true, it should be individual and reflect our personal styles so here goes four months of the journey.
Next blog, catching you up on what’s booked and what’s not and… my fabric arrived from Italy………yea!