Understated Elegance With Big Drama

Our Real Bride Marina’s stunning country wedding at Elora Mills

Finding your dream dress can be difficult when you’re a petite bride, but a custom gown can make all your dreams come true.

When we met our bride Marina at The Wedding Co. show a couple of years ago (pre-Covid), she had a definitive vision for the look and feel of her wedding gown. Her concern was that she was so petite – size 0, thus it was extremely important that the gown did not overwhelm her small, delicate frame while also not giving off the impression of a little girl wearing a big puffy wedding gown.

We are so used to seeing brides who think their ideas are too mixed up or they come to us confused about what they want. It may seem overwhelming at first, but after a few minutes of chatting and sketching it becomes clear that they just need proper direction, understanding and good advice.

The words she used to describe her perfect wedding gown were romantic, soft, floaty, and demure; however she also wanted a certain amount of sexiness in the final design. She also wanted to show off her curves and enhance her booty. 

Since Marina had a pretty large wish list of different styles and looks, we suggested a design consultation so we could sketch and design what she was trying to articulate. We recommended she gather a few photos for inspiration together for that first meeting. 

Marina flew into Valencienne for her initial consultation with an inspiration board full of images. She has an infectious, upbeat, and wonderful personality. It was such fun watching her excitement as she described her wedding in such detail, from the beautiful venue Elora Mill to the delicate floral arrangements. As I began sketching the gown, I could not help but feel that although Marina kept saying simple, what she really meant was small gown, big drama!!! As my hand was flying across the sketchbook I knew this was the gown as it had all the feelings that Marina was trying to evoke – Simply Perfection!!

A combination of Mirage tulle and Chantilly french lace, a fitted lace bustier embellished with delicate seed beads and tiny flowers, a fitted trumpet styled underskirt with lace gracing her hips, and a fit and flare overskirt of mirage tulle were used to emphasize the idea of weightlessness accentuated with a dramatic lace scalloped border. The beauty of the see-through over skirt allowed us to view  all of the fabulous details that made this gown deliciously extravagant.

We finished the look with a custom matching lace one tier cathedral length veil that cascaded behind her for a little more drama to the whole look.

Valencienne custom veil
Chantilly lace on the cathedral length veil added that extra bit of romantic drama

Being a petite bride, having a custom bespoke gown designed especially for her ensured that Marina’s fit would be perfect, and that her dream dress would be executed flawlessly with an emphasis on making her visions come true.

The ability to choose soft lightweight laces, tulles, and fabrics ensured that the dress accentuated how stunning she is without overpowering her. 

As this love story came to an end, she was absolutely thrilled and could not wait to walk down the aisle in her one of a kind Valencienne bridal gown.

“I have a petite frame and the fit was absolutely KEY for me and after trying on many dresses, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a gown that would fit as well as a custom made one.”


My mom and I both contacted Kim about a year before my wedding day in 2020 to create both of our dresses. I have a petite frame and the fit was absolutely KEY for me and after trying on many dresses, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a gown that would fit as well as a custom made one. My mom and I first met Kim at The Wedding Co. show just before Covid, and seeing her sitting and sketching dresses live, I knew she was the one who could make anyone’s dress dreams come true!

From the moment we sat at her pink marble table in her new shop and she sketched my dress, I was SO excited. It is very hard to commit to a dress you can’t try on until a week before your wedding, but just seeing her design with confidence and excitement, I knew I could trust her 100%. The whole design and fitting process was easy and really really fun. Week after week, through all of Covid, the lockdowns and small openings in between, Kim stayed a constant. She made us feel completely comfortable and was such a calming and caring presence to be around, as if there was no pandemic and no shortages or difficulties getting any material (even though there absolutely was)!  We trusted her completely, and I could barely prepare myself for the beauty she made!!


Marina’s wedding was located at the Elora Mill

Her wedding was certainly a swoon-worthy event captured so beautifully by Eric Cheng Photography. We’ve linked his blog about Marina’s beautiful wedding day.