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Well I am a little over whelmed – I just feel like running away, far away. Its too much, there are deadlines for everything even my deadlines have deadlines! Things _could_ be easier and less complicated however that’s just not in my personality. Why, because I am a perfectionist over every detail. I obsess about my clients dresses and their details, I agonize over the placement of every bead, every drape. EVERY DECISION is analyzed – how could this dress be better. ‘’Oh this is good but this is Great” I say. Every idea starts off simple and GROWS. As one of my clients said the other day, ‘Kim you are over the top’ and then I showed her my wedding invitation. She just stood there gasping and I’m looking at her thinking I really AM over the top, you are way over the top with your reaction to this. We were just about to hand-deliver them after working on them for over a month and what I thought was NORMAL was apparently NOT!

The reactions we have received is off the charts so here is my version of a simple invitation and I say this tongue-in-cheek because it’s a little like a Valencienne gown, it just keeps on giving, the more you look at it and the more you look at it the more there is to look at. I always say it’s ALL IN THE DETAILS so enjoy.

I have to give a shout out to SMUDGE Designs because they are amazing. They printed and designed the actual invitation. The Valencienne team of amazing elves assisted both Jeff and me in putting it all together. We made the ribbon and bows and crystalled the boxes. We also crystalled the invitation with Swaroski micro crystal and of course lets talk about the jeweled bird but here is the thing. In my world that invitation was NORMAL and in fact, there were a couple more things I felt that could have been added however we had to get them delivered and Jeffs head was about to pop off of his shoulders with the thought of MORE  embellishment (LOL).

Meanwhile girls, there is a dress design. Having designed wedding gowns in Toronto for over 25 years this has been a difficult process and not an easy one for me as I have SO MANY BODY ISSUES not to mention the pressure of every one in my industry wanting to see the dress. Every one of my clients is excited for me, my staff are all going crazy and my friends all want dresses made for them for the big event and the only person in the world that I want to Love IT… is Jeff so ONCE again it is official, I am a full-on Toronto bride just like all the others.  (Did I mention that I just want to run away)? I have a new appreciation for all of the brides out there. I would love to show you all my wedding dress sketch and share it with you however you must understand that I cannot do that (just yet) so let me include two sketches that came in second and third place so Enjoy

My good friends Mike and Anthony, from five fifteen will be shooting our wedding and we sent them their invitation so the pictures above where taken for us to enjoy them receiving it.

Hope you all enjoy – we will talk more about Mike and Anthony in the next blog.