I tried over 60 Wedding gowns before I found the One!

“Valencienne brides are all very special and we build strong relationships with them during the custom design process and wedding planning journey. Our bride Monica, was wonderful to work with she has exceptional taste and was very particular about the design and details of her wedding gown, it was a lovely creative journey and along the way we became wonderful friends. Read all about Monika’s bridal gown experience from beginning to end in her own words.”


The search in Toronto for my dream bridal gown was harder than I thought.

The wedding dress is one of the most talked about items at a wedding, so making sure you find the perfect one is a must. Week after week, I visited bridal stores across Toronto in search of the perfect wedding gown. I tried on over 60 dresses but I was not able to find the “one”. My search ended when I walked through the doors at Valencienne bridal boutique and met Kim. After sitting down with Kim at her famous pink marble table and shared my vision of the look I wanted for my wedding, she laughed and said “Darling, you are in the right place!”. She picked up her pencil and began to sketch out exactly what I had envisioned in my head. This was the beginning of my year long custom made wedding gown experience!

My bridal gown fittings:

I was so excited for my first fitting. When I got to Valencienne and went into the dressing room, Kim had my “canvas” ready. This fitting was the foundation of what my gown would be built upon.

Fitting after fitting, more pieces of my gown were added. From the silk underbody, to the crushed crystal, to the crinoline, to the horse hair to the exquisite French lace, no detail was spared.

All of my fittings were spectacular but my favorite one was when I got to see the stunning French lace starting to be appliquéd onto my gown. The beauty in the way the French lace was placed and hand sewn on my dress took my breath away.

Kim is an artist and her and her team turned what started as a canvas, into a true masterpiece. It was an experience like no other to see how single piece of fabric turned into a wedding gown.

The Bespoke Experience:

Kim and her team at Valencienne were spectacular from my first fitting through to my last. Kim’s artistry, passion, patience and attention to detail was so evident in the process of creating my dream wedding gown.

Having a bespoke gown created, requires patience, an open mind and most importantly trust in the designer. Truthfully, the gown I envisioned myself wearing on my wedding day only existed in my head. I knew that I had to give Kim and the team at Valencienne my full trust because I would not see my wedding gown fully completed until my final fitting. Valencienne literally took the vision I had in my head and brought it to life.

I found that having my gown custom made gave me the opportunity to do so many things that I would not have been able to if I had just bought any ordinary gown. Firstly, with the assistance of Kim I was able to choose EVERY single detail that went into my dress. The shape, the fit, the types of fabrics that would be used and where the fabric would be placed to name a few.

In addition, a benefit to custom is being able to change some things as you go. A wedding dress is typically created over a year time frame. In a year a lot can change. Fashion styles may change or your mind may change. For example, I had originally asked Kim to have the bottom hem of my gown scalloped, but then after thinking about it, I decided I wanted my dress finished with a straight hem. I had also initially envisioned the bottom of my dress having a lot of volume but in the last month, I decided it was too much. Kim’s amazing team was able to take some crinoline out to give me the level of volume I wanted. Furthermore, all the other pieces you wear on your wedding day can also be customized such as the veil. Custom gown equals custom veil. I was able to choose the style, length and lace detailing of my ridiculously long veil to compliment my dream gown. Another stunning detail I got to customize was my garter. My overall bridal look was everything I ever dreamed it would be. Lastly, when you have a bespoke gown, you know it is a unique piece created just for you that no one else in the world has worn. I didn’t want to wear a dress that I had previously seen in a magazine, online, on Instagram or on another bride!

Having my dress custom made by Valencienne was truly an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget! I sincerely feel grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Kim and the team at Valencienne and am so proud to say I am a Valencienne bride.

I picked up my gown two days before my wedding and I could not wait to wear it! The morning of my wedding I woke up and as I looked at my gown hanging from the ceiling, sparkling in the sunlight I felt so emotional and I knew at that moment it was worth the year long wait. I was standing in front of my dream come true.

If you are looking for a custom gown, Valencienne is the place to go. You leave not only as a happy bride, but as a friend. I miss pulling up to the pretty blue and white stripped sign and being so excited for every visit.”

All images by Quarum Photo & Video