Flowers..Wedding Event Rentals…..and DIY Bridal Crafts.

This blog is so close to my wedding ……………and to be honest, I am freaked out, so much to do and not enough time. The way in which a bride should go about flowers for their wedding is to find a florist that will organize all the other rentals necessary or to hire a wedding planner that will do it for you. With all my friends and business associates I put together our look by getting a little from each company (and sometimes a lot!)  

My first stop was to a friend of mine who I have known for about thirty years. We lost contact and divine intervention brought us back together again and it was as if no time had passed. Her company name is Visions Display and they are event planners that creates huge events that involve building props, etc. For instance, if you wanted something so over the top like to turn a room into a flower garden with ponds and oversized flowers with real animals running around and maybe a working carousal – she’s your girl.

Joanne really doesn’t do many weddings because I think her creativity goes beyond some peoples budgets. If you want ‘extraordinary’, she’s your girl. I wanted our theme to include some sort of tree coming out of the top of the small mannequin with an abundance of hanging candles and foliage. The flowers we choose where mostly Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Roses. We decided to mix them with baby Champaign grapes, English ivy, salal leaves and grape vine interweaved.  Joanne and her team have painted a picture of huge candelabras that will be dripping with pearls and crystals.

She even created a wall (that was mentioned in a previous post) to display our table names and another to conceal our photo booth. Visions display has created magic that will help make this wedding an extravaganza.

Another ‘save the day’ person in my life, besides my fiancé, is Craig from Designing Trendz. Craig and Joanne have known each other for years and came together to make my dream wedding come true. Let me say girls, whatever theme you could possibly come up with Craig can execute it for you. All the trees, candles, candelabras, tassels, purple jeweled chairs, carpets, chargers and frames – too many lovely items to mention them all here have come from Designing Trendz.  He even let me add jewels to his chargers to make them more ‘Kimified’. Craig also does floral work ……when the queen came to town in July 2010 Designing trends executed the grandness of that entire event.

We will also be having Mango studios come to our wedding with a really cool, ultra funky photo booth which is nothing like you are thinking. It is a 8X10 room that is professionally lit and comes with a trunk full of amazing hats ,glasses ,masks, silly hair and funny faces that you and your friend s can put on and go in to take pictures – you control the camera with a remote and the pictures are uploaded to a website for everyone to see. Mo is based in downtown Toronto and if you want some serious fun he is your man. Mango studios is one of our premier photo studios for weddings in the city, they ROCK.

Now for DIY Projects …LOL Well, where do I start …The table name cards? We cut fabric swatches that matched the table linen and then jeweled them. We planned to have three meals and used 3, 4 or 5 jewels for the wait staff to signify which meal that guest was having. As we mentioned above we have jeweled all the chargers with purple crystal. We made a sign that would direct our guest to the right location within the hotel for our reception. We have even made ribboned-battons for everyone to wave as we leave the church. We made matching wreaths for the church doors and one for the front of the car. We designed signs for our guest’s transportation and created a playlist of music for their trip. We even made it into a CD for them to take home and included music that will be played throughout the day. We made welcome bags for our guests and filled them with local flavours. We purchased picture frames to display our table names and spray painted them for the reception wall. We decorated boxes for our sweet table. We even spray painted cans and decorated them for the back of the car. Most importantly we printed a hard cover book for our guest as a bonbonerie which includes pictures of all of them over the years.

Valencienne not only has to finish the wedding gown, Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. We also created a custom embroidered vest for our page boy. We were also asked by friends to make dresses for the reception party .CRAZY – YES worth it ……..We hope so – we will let you all know.

This is my last blog before  the wedding . Our entertainment is a secret and a few other thing s will come on the next blog entitled Oh MY GOD I’M MARRIED BLOG…….