Fairytale bride and her Magical Micro wedding

This real wedding was originally created and designed for a gathering of 150 people, but because of Covid-19 this bride decided that she would still have the wedding of her dreams, however it would be for 10 of her closest friends and family members. This is a little story about her our time together.

I affectionately named Hannah my fairytale Nymph. What a beautiful bride with a beautiful soul. When we met to create her unique custom gown, she said” I want Lavender and gold, you probably think that’s crazy Kim,’’ but I have a vision and I just need someone to understand that vision and bring it to life.’’I need you to understand the entire look of this intimate wedding.”

I was taken by this bride, she was honest, straightforward with an aura of intrigue and had a smile that would brighten any room. She was wearing harem pants, crystal necklaces and a scarf wrapped around her head that reminded me of a pirate. She was beautifully tattooed, and I felt that each one of them held a special meaning. I needed to ask her more questions to inspire me to create this magical gown.

Hannah began to explain to me that she and her fiancé own a Bohemian tea house.  As she described the decor, and her vision for her dream wedding gown, I was immediately transported to a far-off fantasy land as she told her love story it all began to make sense to me. As I began to sketch, the vision of her fairytale gown became a reality to her. I infused bohemian details and gold lace that would mimic some of her beautiful tattoos.

I could see it all, the fairytale wedding set in our Northern Ontario woodlands beside a picturesque lake. A small, wooded gazebo decorated with carpets, tapestries, pillows, woodland florals, floating curtains and of course lots of vintage teapots. A fairytale nymph in her incredibly unique Valencienne custom lavender and gold bridal gown enhanced with a custom veil that was designed to match her gown perfectly and a dramatic crown of flowers gracing her head. Her  bohemian boho look became a reality, and her wedding day dream had come true!

This wedding was created by designers and makers who create art with a considerable amount of love for all our special, unique, and one-of-a-kind clients. We share our talents with honestly, care and with serenity in our hearts. We all strive to share our talent with passion. Here are the dream team people who helped Hannah and her fiancé but their own unique style on their wedding day.  @bluelotusdesignsaus @coup_de_tete @trendcustomtailors @knott_studio @shleydriscoll @themarryinglady  @valencienneto @derekchanfilmsT