Dearest Kim & Valencienne Team,

I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to you. You have given me memories that no one else could through such difficult times. I thought my dress was beautiful during our fittings, but there was something about seeing her again on my wedding day, waiting for me to put her back on, it was like I was in my own dream. Kim, thank you for bringing the mess in my head to actual real life. When everyone saw the dress, they knew there was no other dress that would have been more perfect. It screamed me! The lace, the wings, the tulle, I almost didn’t take it off. Thank you again for your dedication, time, effort, excitement, care, and love. My dress was a true unique work of art and I am so proud to support such an incredible local designer and small business right here in our own city.

With all my love, Marina.

Photography: Eric Cheng