Destination Bridal Guide by Valencienne Bridal Design Toronto

Being a Toronto based custom bridal gown designer, I love all things pretty!!
Now, I don’t know about you, but if you perused my Instagram explore tab, you would find many, many, many, MANY photos of quaint European cities, post card perfect sunsets and, of course, a little bridal on the beach. This passion and obsession is the muse and inspiration behind our newest collection of destination bridal gowns and separates.
Plunging necklines, soft and flowing fabrics and sensual beaded laces make up this perfectly curated, Pinterest-worthy, I-must-have-it, collection of gowns available in Toronto. But what is more then all the pretty details, is getting down to the nitty-gritty, the base, starting-from-the-bottom, main ingredient…the FABRIC.

Many of our brides choosing to be oh-so chic and heading out to say I-do in these magical places, constantly are looking for light, flowing and dreamy fabrics, but what they don’t know is the method to this madness and our process in choosing the perfect fabric for each bride and her custom gown.

Let’s start with our options:


Silk Chiffon, Silk Georgette, Silk Taffeta, Silk Habaitai, Silk Tulle, Silk Organza, Silk Dupion, Silk Charmeuse


Poly Chiffon, Poly Georgette, Tulle, Poly Organza, Triacetate, Micro Fibre


Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo

Now where do we go from here?

Well…let me tell you! Our brides are by far the coolest girls we know and often have pretty wild, elegant and sometimes absolutely crazy ideas for what they want to do in their gowns on their destination day. We’ve had girls who wanted to scuba dive in their gown, do an underwater shoot in their gown, trash their gown, climb rocks in their gown and sometimes yes, just look pretty walking on a beach at a resort in their gown. With all these amazing ideas, we have certainly had our work cut out for us picking the perfect fabric to allow these gorgeous ladies to look their best and also bring their wedding vision to life.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of these brides and are probably dying for the next part of this post…. The part where we explain which fabric we perfectly pair for each of those wild brides.

1. The Cliff Climber
So you want photos on top of a cliff….we love that too!
As in this breathtaking photo of our recent bride in Maui, it’s all about the flowing air, so it’s best to choose chiffon or georgette.
Now these fabrics come in both Silk and Poly versions. Silk will always be the most expensive, so if you’re on a budget, best to stick with Poly. Silk also may not be best as it can catch on rocks etc. and pull more easily. Poly is definitely more durable to cliff side rocks.

2. The Mermaid (insert underwater photo)
“Part of your world” (insert my not-so-pretty singing voice). We love the trend of these fairy tale underwater shoots and we know exactly how to make you look picture perfect … even while underwater holding your breath.
Key to this flowing magical look?
If you want a more structure flow-ness, Organza will create stunning silhouettes in the water and keep some of it’s gown style.
If you love the Ethereal style, then chiffon is your best friend. This fabric will flow like the water and will twirl and swirl as you move.
Important tip! Use both these fabrics in Poly and not Silk as Silk will get totally ruined, but Poly will allow you to dry off and keep your gown intact.

3. The Boho Bride (insert lifeguard hut photo)
The perfect date is typically defined as “walking hand and hand along the beach” so we TOTALLY understand wanting to bring this to life and look stunning while doing it! Any Poly light fabric will be best, so stick with Georgette, Chiffon, Tulle or Organza which will be light in the heat and not drag you down when the hem gets wet. Also. it is less likely to carry some of that pretty sand with you.

4. The Destructive Bride – ( mexico lying on beach or in water photo)
No we don’t think you’re actually destructive, and we have to say the Trash the Dress trend makes for a pretty awesome photo! Flowing fabrics are best for this fun as they will move with you and will be a saver lighter option in the water. If you want the dress to not actually be totally trashed, go with a Poly Georgette and Chiffon, Tulle or Organza. Don’t care? Want to really trash it? Go with those fabrics in Silk! Though more pricey, Silk will be stunning dry and totally trashed once you head into the water.

5. The Jungle Adventure Bride – (Maui jungle photo)
Foliage and lush greens are so in (as per Pantone’s colour of 2017). So what could be more perfect then taking gorgeous photos of your gown surrounded by eye-popping colour. With all those pretty branches, stick to thinner weaves such as Cottons, Bamboo, Georgette or Linen, which are also great for sweat wicking and lightness in that jungle humidity. No tulles and nets unless you want to be a giant fly catcher and get stuck on a few branches along the walk.

6. The Resort Goddess – (teale dress on balcony)
We love when our brides depart their home and bring the elegance and luxury with them to a beautiful place. Walking the grand halls of stunning tropical or European cities just has us in awe thinking about it! For that regal look, we recommend more luxurious fabrics in the Silk family. Silk Charmeuse, Silk Tulle and Silk Organza are our favourites for those grand destinations. Also adding a bit (or a lot) of beading is a great way to add sparkle and glamour.

So there you have it!

The next step?….come into the store and let us pamper you, style you and create your perfect gown! So get your gorgeous little butt in here!