Décor – Wedding Designer STYLE!

First I know that this blog is about our personal wedding style however I just need to quickly talk about My Wedding Gown it’s all sewn together however it needs hand finishing. You know the Magic more importantly THE BLING … much bling is required to make a person ‘glow’ a lot so half of the design has been sewn in India the other half of the dress has been put together here in Toronto. There are thousands of Swarovski crystals,   an abundance of luscious silk peau de soie and beautiful draping – my idea was really to showcase all of my Valencienne  family talent.

Hopefully I have enticed you enough to keep visiting my blog. This is a sample of some of our beautiful embroidery.

So what was my personal  style for our wedding? It could only be one choice, our wedding would be a celebration of  the one thing in my life that I have an unlimited amount of passion for, FASHION and the fashion designers that inspire me everyday. Having an amazing fiancé, he said ‘I just want you to be happy’ so go right ahead.

We have built a wall for our wedding with picture frames that will announce to our guest where they will be  seated, All the tables were named after my most favorite designers, there were 13 in all. I thought we would sit at the Christian Dior table however Jeff said that he wanted to sit at a table naming his favorite designer “me” so Valencienne was put on the wall, front and center. (I love this guy he is my number one fan).

I had asked Jeff his thoughts for colour and he said that his favorite colour was royal purple so that is how the colours where choosen. I quickly designed an inspiration board to keep us on track ,as there is so much out there in the bridal industry, its easy to get side tracked. 

The next order of business was the table centers so how could I marry my incredible love for flowers with my idea of designer table centers?  Well as luck would have it I was at Homesense one day and in front of me was this figure – I almost lost my mind, it was gold however I saw it in my mind, sprayed purple with a touch of jewels and a big silk brocade sash around its waist that would fall onto the table to create the centerpiece. OMG – The wedding decor is coming together. 

I had contacted a very good friend of mine, Tina, from Covers Couture in regards to our linen rental and explained our theme ‘fashion designer meets Marie Antoinette’ and she laughed and said ‘no problem’ so one very late night we met at her place after work at 11pm to be exact and our creative minds came together. What we came up with was a purple satin base with layers upon layers of green and brown brocade which is call ‘Godiva’ I just fell in love with the name.  

She pulled out some matching tassels and I said ‘I think I need every tassel you have in this place’. Tina loves her table linen as much as I love my dresses and the excitement builds. At midnight I ran out of there screaming ‘this is going to be fab’ and her saying ‘You are sooo over the top’. Driving home I thought will Jeff understand shiny purple with green and brown gold brocade mixed with Jewel toned flowers? …………..I think not! I will not discuss flowers yet, I will let him get used to green and brown brocade.