WedLuxe Magazine – Glitterati style file creative’s – the magic behind the picture.

As a bridal designer here, in Toronto, it is so magical to have the opportunity to work with some of our cities most prestigious wedding industry professionals. So when a special project presents itself  like creating a beautiful photo spread  for the Winter/Spring WedLuxe  Magazine 2013 for the  ‘Glitterati style file’ section, you exuberantly jump on board. This year, Valencienne was asked to take part in four creatives and it was extremely exciting and very gratifying to have some of them make it to the pages of WedLuxe.Valencienne bridal toronto,custom made wedding gowns,designer wedding gowns,Ballroom style gowns

As a bride you might ask yourself, ‘How do these magnificent photo shoots come to life?’ Well I will try and give you a very short overview of what goes into the planning of a creative shoot for a major Canadian luxury bridal magazine.

Each season Angela Desveaux, Editor-in-chief of WedLuxe Magazine, sends out a request to the wedding industry to create a stylized creative for WedLuxe. She comes up with a theme  for that particular issue of WedLuxe and then, as potential contributors, it is our job to take that theme and create a story which translates that idea and turns it into reality which will hopefully grace the pages of her magazine. In the Winter/Spring 2013 edition Angela’s theme was  ‘Cinema’.

When a creative request is sent out – the crème de la crème of the wedding industry starts searching among itself to put together the perfect team and it usually starts with the creative producers and stylists deciding how to translate the idea. Once the concept has been developed he or she will start thinking about who they would like on their team. Photographers get called along with models, floral designers, stationers, cake companies, caterers, rental companies and of course, wedding dress designers. A Venue (location) is decided upon and everyone involved is told what the theme of the project is and just how the producer envisions their creative layout to look like. wedluxe magazine creative glitteratiOnce everyone chosen hears about the final details and expectations, all involved  will start designing their very important part of, what is hopefully going to be, a magnificent creative. Toronto brides are truly blessed as some of the best talent in North America is here. Our wedding industry friends put their heart and soul into every project not to mention that it cost thousands of dollars and usually takes up  an incredible amount of time as each one of the team will strive for perfection. Each of us taking into consideration every detail of how their special part will photograph in order to get that all-over perfect shot.Valencienne Toronto,Cake opera co,Marie Antoinette  What an honor it is to spend time with such truly talented people. Our photo shoots can start as early as five in the morning and can last as late as midnight. It can be 20 degrees below zero or sweltering hot, it’s simply whatever is expected – YOU JUST DO IT!!! It’s all about getting that perfect shot.

WedLuxe Magazine gets an incredible amount of submissions for the ‘Glitterati style file’  section as well as the WedLuxe blog so if you are going to be chosen, it better be very special. It will have to be in order to catch the eye of Angela and in turn, hopefully, make its debut into this Canadian luxury Bridal Magazine. WedLuxe will only pick about three or four creatives for the glitterati section of the magazine so when you get chosen its quite an honor. It is really very special to showcase the considerable efforts of so many talented people.Valencienne toronto,Huge Ballroom skirt, scoop neckline,corset bodice,swarovski crystalValencienne ,Marie Antoinette gown ,Toronto,Ball room skirt ,Blush pink wedding gown,victorian bridal gown,couture,

The above photos where featured in the magazine in the article named ‘Let them eat cake’ (Volume 6, Issue 1, Pg. 126). It was inspired by the movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ staring Kirsten Dunst. The movie became synonymous with extravagant opulence and was filmed in the grandeur of the palace of Versailles and I believe our shoot achieved that look.

I would like to applaud the design team involved in producing this grand shoot;

Creative director and producer – Anne Anderson Events, Photographer – Gillian Williamson from Ikonica Images, Floral Design – Floral Werx, Cake Design – Alexandria Pellegrino from Cake Opera Co, Location – Graydon Hall, Make up and hair – Jordana Maxwell from Judy Inc., Hats and Fascinator – KC Hats, Vintage Jewelry – Carole Tanenbaum, Invitation and place cards – Palettera, Gown – Kim Ironmonger from Valencienne

The second creative that graced the pages of  the magazine was inspired by the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was a play on the films transition from black and white into Technicolor and it was named ‘Dreaming of Oz’.

CCF07122012_00002a Melissa Andre events,valencienne,5ive15ifteen photo co,cake opera co,designer wedding gowns paper and post,valencienne,bridal gowns,wedding gowns Valencienne bridal,Toronto, Ballroom,fitted bodice tulle overlay gown, couture,custom,Valencienne toronto,cake opera co,Anthony Manieri,5ive15ifteen photo co,graydon hall,Valencienne wedding gownSterling Kjargaard floral,Valencienne wedding gowns,designer bridal toronto

The inspiration for our Valencienne gown was ‘Glinda’ – the good witch of the North. I made her gown with floating layers of polka-dotted tulle, in a billowing ballroom style with a Swarovski crystal beaded belt. This creative was mystical and magical and was a delight to work on with a fabulous group of wedding professionals.

Produced and styled by Melissa Andre Events, Photographer – Anthony Manieri of 5ive15ifteen photo company, Floral – Sterling Kjargaad, Stationary – Paper and Poste,  Cake Design – Alexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera Co, Location – Graydon Hall Manor, Sorbet – Chef Jason Bangerter of Oliver and Bonacini.

For the Winter/Spring 2013 issue of the magazine, two producers asked me for a Marie Antoinette gown. I knew that only one Marie Antoinette could make it to the magazine. This next photo shoot is the Marie Antoinette creative that did not make it to the magazine however it was featured on the blog.

This creative is more of a new twist on an old icon, I  love them both. These photographs truly are a feast for the eyes and are very special. If we were to describe Marie Antoinette the words that come to my mind are Beauty, Extravagance, Lavish, Style and Opulence. The work produced was created for you; the bride. Hopefully these wonderful photo’s will inspire you and fill you with lots of ideas. If we have succeeded then we have accomplished our goal.

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These magnificent creative’s defiantly celebrated Marie Antoinette’s incredible style. Being involved in this creative was an incredible honor. I am filled with gratitude to have been asked  to work along side stellar individuals. I can only hope to work alongside with any of them again.

Creative Producer – Cynthia Martyn Events, Photography – Corina V Photography, Florals – Fuscia Designs, Cake and Cupcakes- Connie Cupcake, Top Hat – Quirk and Sparkle, Make up and Hair –Faces by Carla Inc, Letterpress Stationary- Sweet Peony Press, Location – The Faculty Club, Furniture Rentals – Contemporary Furniture Rentals, Shoes – Milk and Honey,Wedding gown – Kim Ironmonger for Valencienne.

Featured below was our submission for ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’. It was inspired by the movie of the same name. Our bride and Groom are featured on the coast in the south of Italy. The shoot conjures up a grand hotel nestled somewhere along side of the Mediterranean ocean where smoking jackets and cigars are everywhere, glamorous girls and elegant yachts are in abundance.

Valencienne Toronto,50's wedding gown,french shirt,custom,couture,tea length wedding gown,bridal store,Rachel A.Clingen, This shoot was a bit  difficult as our team are all based in Toronto and a location that mimicked the south of Italy had to be found. Luckily for us, our Creative Producer Rachel A. Clingen found the perfect spot, she built a set to reflect the vision. It took ten people with a start time of 3am and voila the south of Italy appeared before our eyes right down to the rental of a magnificent yacht named ‘The Black Diamond’. Welcome aboard and gather some wonderful ideas for your very own nautical wedding.Valencienne bridal ,Rachel Clingen,wedding gowns,toronto Valencienne toronto,50's style wedding gown ,custom,bespoke,valencienne bridal boutique,silk organza wedding gown Valencienne bridal gown,Tornto,50's style wedding gown vintage wedding gown,custom,bridal store Valencienne bridal boutique toronto,Truffle cake and pastry,Laura K invitations,Rachel Clingen Valencienne designer wedding gown,Rachel clingen,Custom,couture Valencienne bridal design Toronto,Rachel Clingen,Black Diamond Valencienne bridal toronto,Laura K Invitations,Valencienne bridal design,designer weddin gown,custom,bespoke,Garrison Bespoke,Truffle cake,Port credit Yacht clubValencienne bridal boutique,valencienne wedding gown store,Rachel Clingen,Valencienne bridal design,custom, rachel clingen,Laura K invitationsValencienne toronto,Rachel Clingen,Laura K Invitations

The ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’ was a fantastic concept – we all loved being apart of such a unique idea.  The eye candy above was put together by another talented team.  It was about 35 degrees and  our team was just physically and mentally exhausted but we all soldiered on until late in the evening. I hope you will agree that this creative shows the incredible efforts of these very special people  below.

Creative Producer – Rachel A.Clingen,  Photography – Anthony Manieri of 5ive15ifteen photo company, Jewelry – Elsa Corsi, Hats – KC Hats, Cake – Truffle cake and Pastry, Stationary – Laura K Invitations, Menswear – Garrison Bespoke, Event Rentals – Absolute Tent and Event Services, Cigars – Chez Tabac, Catering – Craving fine food market and catering, Location – Port Credit Yacht Club, Vintage wedding gown – Kim Ironmonger for Valencienne.

I look forward to continuing to design my wedding gowns and  having the opportunity to work along side all these wonderful people again. I can’t wait until the next issue of WedLuxe as I am currently working on three new creatives. The next seasons theme is ‘TOP SECRET’ and you will have to come back to learn more – I can’t tell you anymore – its classified information :-).