Bridal Designer A.W.O.L


It’s been extremely busy and I still have no dress!!! More than two weeks has gone by MY BAD!!!! Rather funny don’t you think ……I am laughing right now writing this blog entry and there is no wedding gown yet however although I have no time, I did create a magnificent gown for a wonderful client who surprised us on her wedding day by bringing her entourage and photographer into the store.

Oh I digress…Let me tell you about the great things that we have booked. We are getting married in NIAGARA ON THE LAKE and choose a fantastic company that I have known for years. The company is a family business run by three brothers and David Mole is taking such good care of us. We Originally ordered two double Decker buses as a surprise for our guests and two London cabs, (fun, very English, not so stuffy, right)? ………..Wrong! Upon visiting the office and laying my eyes on a gorgeous silver and black 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, I thought, Kim, you don’t have a gown yet but this is a magnificent car! Can you imagine pulling up in this even if you ARE in jeans…… out came the checkbook.


 Look how beautiful it is and there is a fabulous story behind the car – it was a gift to Prime Minister Trudeau from the British Prime Minister at the time so how could I say No? The history THE STORY and TRUDEAU We all Loved him so much most of you reading are too young to remember however it’s all good………..I am of British descent after all and GIGI has quite a bit of Welsh in him so it was meant to be at least in my twisted mind.

Let’s talk cake …Well ORIGINALY (Do you all see a trend? I am writing this stuff and I do – Its always going to be one thing and ends up another). We were just going to do simple, no decorated cake for us as long as it tastes yummy. Well we meet the two girls from Vineyard Sweets and all of a sudden ‘THE CAKE’ took on a life of its own. Eda and Ruth showed me a book of pictures and there was this cake that was a great starting point but then a lightning rod HIT ME OMG. I thought this cake was beautiful however wouldn’t it be incredible, more beautiful, almost ‘Kimified’ with some exquisite Swarovski crystals worked through the cake on wire that can be removed just before serving? Well the girls where loving my ideas and were really excited to see what the jewels would look like so now we have a big beautiful cake and they are just waiting on the cake jewelry. I hope I have better luck with the cake jewels  than I am having with the Wedding Gown.

Once again girls – I must appologize for my tardiness however I have been actively working on a new website that should be launched before the end of August. Let me show you a taste of what is to come…