Bridal Designer A.W.O.L

SHE’S BACK It’s been extremely busy and I still have no dress!!! More than two weeks has gone by MY BAD!!!! Rather funny don’t you think ……I am laughing right now writing this blog entry and there is no wedding gown yet however although I have no time, I did create a magnificent gown for a wonderful client who surprised …


The Planner

We call him GiGi (Girly Groom). Yes that’s what I have, a man that used to be a chef and now is in the IT World. A planner and perfectionist, he is obsessed with assisting with this wedding and it all started with a little addiction called ‘Rich Bride Poor Bride’. Now I have been on the show a few …


The Valencienne Bride

I have been asked to write about my story by many people and although, I think my story is worthy of a book deal, I just find that my time management skills are a little questionable. I would not want to have a following and then let people down so here is my commitment to all reading. I will do …