8 Essential Bridal Trends for 2020 That Every Bride Desires

Photo Credit: Galia Lahav

Valencienne  Showcases the Top Eight  Bridal Trends for Spring 2020 from  New York  Bridal Week -Sept 2019


There’s absolutely no better place on this  earth to feast on endless ‘bridal’ inspiration than the annual Fall New York Bridal Week. It truly is an experience like no other - exhilaratingly  exhausting, lusciously lavish, decidedly decadent and just really outrageously over the top! And every year we are their front and centre,  with 'eyes wide open’.


photo credit: Mira Zwillinger


This year our jaws were endlessly dropping as we whirled like dervishes from one designer runway to the next. The dresses were beaming with statement and expression. From the Godiva worthy glamour of Berta bridal, to the sumptuously aristocratic fabrications of Galia Lahav and the most memorably dramatic accents created by Marchesa. Nobody does over the top better floating elegance such as Lihi Hod. Those trends of years past, the ones you thought would not -could not- ever come back (think the Eighties BIG PUFFY SLEEVE)  Well , yup, they are back! With modernized 2020 sophistication and a fun, flirty feel .   


This  Spring 2020 is going to be a bridal season like no other we have ever seen. And you, Miss bride to be,  are going to enchantingly challenged, because absolutely everything, and we do mean everything is available to you!!! We do believe this is a reflection of the times we are in, where creative  individuality rules, custom choices and styling are your personal edge and YOUR LIFE is your personal statement!

But before we begin the deep dive into the  top eight trends for 2020 let us pose a couple of questions.


Why are the trends so important anyway?  Why do we continue, year after year, at great expense,  continue to attend the best bridal runway shows in the best city, New York ? Why should you care? Why do we care?

A custom couture bridal gown must meet  two important criteria. One, it should reflect the current times and modern day stylings. Two, at such a significant milestone in your life’s timeline, it should be uniquely YOU!



At Valencienne we do approach any bridal trend with slight skepticism, discretion and discernment. This is where our 35 plus years of experience in this industry becomes invaluable. As far as trends go, we have seen it all. The great, the good and the not so good. As a couture garment, we insist that a Valencienne gown meets the great design test - it must always remain timeless. When you reflect back years from now (yes, believe us one day you will!) we want the reflection to evoke the day you were  ‘ the most beautiful you’ that could ever be, in that dress!! Yes, you will still remain in love with YOUR wedding dress, the one you had always dreamed of wearing (there can NEVER ever be that cringeworthy moment of oh no I wore that!). I believe it is our duty as Toronto’s premiere custom bridal boutique to deliver to you exceptional- forward thinking design, luxurious fabrications, distinctive detail and that indescribable ‘haute couture’ fit and quality.


While classic couture envelops traditional forms, cuts and styles, it’s ‘the trends’ that beckon a bride to explore, incredible new options in bridal.


Think mash up between the siren dresses that symbolize the finesse of the 'old Hollywood glamour' and the boldness and dramatic flair of those exhibited on the red carpet or at those outrageous MOMA events.


Where do your style inclinations fall? What is intuitively you?  When reviewing the trends consider quickly which one(s) speak most strongly to you. Your instinctive choice usually connects most closely to your personality, and to you personally, for whatever reason.

Trend # 1

Off the Shoulder Exaggeration- It’s Gone Wild !

This season the runways revealed a dynamic obsession with off the shoulder DRAMA. The top designers repeatedly presented audaciously bold elements and accents - deep shoulder cutouts, revealing sleeve slits, bejewelled plunging necklines and eye catching shallow back details. Electrified sensuality at its best!


Off the shoulder gone wild will appeal to the bride wanting to express her confidence and glamour through unique design accents and embellishments, while remaining true to the classic bridal gown silhouettes. Bold yet refined ,elegant with a modern day sensual allure.


At Valencienne  we comb the world to source unique silks, fabrics and laces, crystals, embellishments, and embroidery patterning. Our team of designers and artisans combine their talents to create one of a kind spectacular wedding and evening gowns. Bespoke luxury that will leave your wedding dress forever etched in the memories of all those present on your special day.

Trend # 2

The Sheer Drama of Mesh Illusion

It was jaw dropping to see mesh! mesh...and more was everywhere!


The intimacy of sheer mesh has certainly undergone an elegant revival, showcasing subtle crystals, diamanté’s and vintage inspired embellishments. This trend can tend to lean towards bold blunt and powerfully sensual. Yet subtle effect can also come into play, creating interest and that touch of modern individuality and flair.

As seen in the stunning designs of Vera Wang, her bridal gowns displayed sheer mesh additions in unusual variety. Gowns with mesh as structure adhering  plunging off the shoulder front and back necklines, mesh as a shoulder enhancement, mesh as overlaid on fitted bodices and even the finest of mesh delicately adorning silky fine slip dresses. The daring mesh worked not only as overlays but also as a carefully constructed insert, there to revel a tantalizing bare leg.


For the bride who seeks to shun the rules and traditions consider mesh as your perfect fabrication inclusion. As we saw the possibilities seemed to be endless.

Recalling that William Shakespeare quote “To Thine Own Self Be True” utilizing mesh detailing within your garment can bring that edgy, contemporary signature look that will make you scream, “Yes to the dress”.


At  Valencienne our vast experience of thirty plus years of custom design and construction, we confidently bring the skill and expertise required to work with the intricacies and challenges of mesh illusion that this fabrication presents. For example we colour match your skin tone so the mesh is truly invisible. The difference between a bespoke gown and one that is off the rack quickly becomes evident where this trend is concerned. Mesh detail, used in an interesting way, can quickly add that subtle yet stunning’ effect. As a custom design boutique we believe where we really shine is through our creativity, hand finishing and ingenuity. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life.

Trend #3

Elegantly Ruffled


Aww, the nostalgia of the roaring twenties... Wow, one hundred years ago now! Yet that Gatsby Inspired era never fails to invoke a feeling of fun frolic, society in transition, optimism, decadence, and just a jazzy good time!! Think the flapper, ruffles and imagination unlimited. For this trend we particularly adored what was captured by Zuhair Murad. Elegant ruffles gorgeously overlaid and overplayed with white laces and embroidered fabrications


For our edgy pixies, our outgoing, exuberant Toronto brides - take note. These ruffles can be expressed in a million different ways. Obtain that glamorous vintage vibe. By utilizing feathery fringes or perhaps aspire to exude a more  bohemian effect or incorporating an extravagant textured fabric ruffle. Add Contrasting colour, bejewelled embellishment with this trend, and the possibilities for individual expression are truly endless.


As highly technical, and experienced craftspeople we welcome you to test our limits! A tiered ruffle detail can add that definitive oh-la-la. Adding an elegantly unforgettable ruffle addition can be a very cost effective way to bring your gown from simply stunning to smashingly Wow. And wasn’t that what the Gatsby era of decadence and change was all about? Breaking tradition, breaking boundaries, and doing it all with class and style .The ruffle trend? We say bring it on… let’s have some fun with this one.

Trend #4

The Charm Of 3D. No Not the movie…the Petals!!!


You will definitely be saying yes to this dress!! Yes, 3D embellishments and textures are back. In a big way, with cutting edge  appeal , yet modern girl sensibilities


Luxury couture gowns are always about innovation and bringing about that childhood fantasy of the fairy tale come into sterling reality. 2020 Spring embraced the 3D petal. In our honest opinion, this dominant trend did invoke that retro feel of the 80’s, the fun of femininity and perhaps a somewhat lighter spirit these challenging times could use. All colours, shapes, sizes were shown. It brought us back to our start and humble beginnings in downtown Toronto on Bloor St. The enigmatic eighties when Lady Di ’s unforgettable gown personified grandeur. We’re so thrilled to see this flourish of femininity its triumphant return.


Perfectly appealing to a broad spectrum of brides, 3D flowers and petals offer endless opportunity for individuality through design, size, colour and embellishment. This is and has been our signature look for three decades. We established our brand Valencienne and couture look in the eighties. With a modern update, we can create your bridal confection with the exquisite detailing of 3D petal perfection. A charming, luxurious glamour that says that femininity can still be expressed with confidence and individuality for the 2020 bridal season.


Your Valencienne gown will truly be memorable forever, just as every fairy tale come true should be!


Trend #5

Thigh High Slits...Yes...Still on Trend


Infectiously vogue and ultra -chic, the designer collections were still embracing that bold and sexy thigh high slit. Bring on the 2020 Bond gal vibe. This is still the ultimate luxury statement wedding gown. And now it’s also a bridal collection classic!


At Valencienne, through our impeccable design, and endlessly interesting embellishments, we  can effortlessly turn a simple, moderately priced gown into the ultimate statement dress. Channel that powerful inner aura of sensuality, confidence and personality with a style of dress that can be both super comfortable and sensationally stunning.  You can gracefully glide amidst your venue and guests, with ease, simplicity and of course the option to dance the night away comfortably.


Slits can be very, very tricky, It’s a ‘fine line’ distinction between class and tack. With our impeccable design skill, expert fitting, perfect patterning and haute couture dress making capabilities you can be assured to exude style and class while displaying your drop dead gorgeous sexy silhouette.

Trend # 6

A Timeless Classic - The Princess Ball Gown


The traditional beauty and elegance of the princess ball gown, this wedding gown simply will never go out of style. According to The Knot, in a survey published in August 2019 16% of brides still want the ball gown! That’s really a large percentage considering the vast away of current gown options.

The trends for spring 2020 in princess ball gown were simply stunning, displaying magnificent multi-tiered skirts, horsehair crinoline skirts with an incredible array of fabrics, gowns with incredibly beautiful bold accents. Take-your-breath-away-gowns we particularly adored were the stunning gowns of designers Marchesa, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta.  


At Valencienne going to the key shows like New York Spring 2020 is a MUST! This is how we can bring the classics to current times. It inspires us, and pushes our boundaries.

Adopting the newest trends and making those imperative style tweaks, be it a fuller sleeve, or  ‘just the right cut ’ of the plunging sweetheart neckline. Exquisite details are what create the perfection and whimsical charm the princess ball gown dress will forever be known for.  


Toronto brides to be, this trend is certainly a ‘best option’ if you wish to create a look that says timeless elegance. Through customization your theme colours and any design elements present in your gown  can be carried throughout your wedding.Bring us your photo inspirations , colour palette ideas, venue pics and we can create the dream dress that ties everything together. After all, this gown you will be remembering and preserving as a family heirloom for generations to come.

Trend # 7

Lace Gowns with Dramatic Bows


Another enigmatic trend for spring 2020 - Exquisitely embroidered lace or simple gowns with massive bows are all the rage!


This classic yet retro inspired design has been updated and revitalized through the presentation of modern design statements - the dramatic sensually low back silhouette, bold off the shoulder accents, with plunging neckline and low back silhouettes. Of all the haute couture bridal gowns trending this season this style is The One that evokes that bold ‘old’ Hollywood -style glamour, perfect for that modern, flirtatiously playful bride.


At Valencienne we are known for beautiful LACE! Our boutique namesake was gleaned from a small town in France ‘Valenciennes’,  known as the maker of 17th centre French fine laces.

Our endless array of French lace, Chantilly, Alencon, Guipure laces are endless. Swarovski crystal embellishment will enable you to create that one of a kind bridal creation. With some slight reconstruction your dress could also be repurposed, allowing it to become wearable for future occasions. How amazing is that!


Trend # 8

The Mini Cocktail


The Dress that is!  Here is one of the most exciting bridal trend to hit bridal this year. Big time! The cocktail mini bridal dress is here! These are the ultimate silhouettes for the absolutely fuss free bride who wants to have fun, kick back and dance the night away without the complications of ground hitting skirts, big princess gowns and too much extra anything! This is just the trend to show off those killer Louboutin’s and you’re perfectly tanned legs. We have been known to match an incredible pair of designer shoes and include those details to a brides gown.

As showcased most beautifully by luxury designer Reem Acra, these mini-dress style bridal gowns were just so intensely and infectiously voguish. And again, what we see are endless possibilities to customize. Perfect for so many types of brides and situations- second time, second dress, destination dress. Also perfect for adapting to future wearing.


At Valencienne we love the open mind! And this trend offers us great expanse to showcase our talents while we work alongside you exploring the endless options and  creative variations. Simple yet stunning, affordable yet awesomely outstanding. A wedding dress /cocktail gown with flair ! And then let’s talk detachable train!!! After all it is still a wedding gown...


Well that was a lot to take in. Thanks for stopping by! We hope you have enjoyed our trend review and we really hope we have got you imagining.


At Valencienne we have built our reputation and credibility around our passion for designing the perfect bridal gown. We believe the  bridal gown to be the most significant silhouette in a woman’s life. Our devoted designers and craftspeople are truly bespoke artisans that endeavour daily to make your dreams come true.


We also want your experience to be fun, forever memorable,  never intimidating and as stress free as possible, The process, we explain  in detail here. In closing, Embrace every minute of this wonderful time of your life’s journey. We will help make it a truly magical experience.


   With Love, 



Kim I. Owner & Head Design Guru at  Valencienne xo